Concept Development

Your concept comes before everything else!

You must know what you stand for, before you can stand out.

A concept helps you to gain clarity, use resources efficiently, stand out from the crowd, build alignment and, ultimately, create a better future for your hotel and business – and for people and planet.

We will work with:
- Concept Discovery
- Concept Development
- Concept Activation
- Concept Implementation

Let's talk and craft a concept that both you and your guests will love!

About Kari Hasselknippe

Kari Hasselknippe offers branding and communications strategies to hotels, destinations and service companies. Kari has hospitality branding experience that spans over 25 years, including 14 years as Sales and Marketing Director for the prestigious Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway. Her consulting company, Hasselknippe AS (2016) has delivered strategic branding concepts (based on a sustainability story) and crafted new concepts to well-known Scandinavian brands including Haut Nordic (now Lily Hospitality Group), Marawell Hotels and Frogner House Apartments, where personalized service to the savvy modern traveler are in focus.

Boutique and special concept hotels are some of Kari’s favorite projects and during the past two years she has turned her focus to uncovering some of Norway’s unique locations to the international traveler. As a destination expert, she is focused on telling a sustainability story, bringing forth some of the best Norway has to offer in the way of hospitality, cuisine and wellness. Many of the properties she has revealed are a must “stay” when travelling to Scandinavia.

Kari keeps her followers entertained with travel tips and trends, niche properties and unique getaway ideas also beyond the shores of Norway. She showcases an interesting variety of options for the mature as well as trendy traveler, who is in search of an authentic hospitality experience. With a solid network of experts, Kari can provide consulting services from simple to more comprehensive branding projects with focus on creating profitable service concepts.

Kari is passionate about creating commitment around the brand, whether it is concept development, service delivery, content production, press launches or other measures that contribute to the company´s success.

Field of expertise:
Tourism and market insights
Sustainability and responsible tourism
Destination development
Product and concept development
Strategy and business development
Technology and innovation
Architecture and engineering
Sales and marketing
Investments and funding
Branding, design and storytelling
Type of service:
Speech, lecture, workshop, course
Mentoring and coaching
Consulting and project management
Design and creative work
Industry experience
Relevant higher education
Certified in the field
University lecturer/professor or similar
Traveloper type:
Tourism professional