Brand and Marketing Strategy


Kari Hasselknippe offers branding and communications strategies to hotels, destinations and service companies. Kari has hospitality branding experience that spans over 25 years, including 14 years as Sales and Marketing Director for the prestigious Grand Hotel in Oslo, Norway. Her consulting company, Hasselknippe AS (2016) has delivered strategic branding concepts (based on a sustainability story) to well-known Scandinavian brands including Haut Nordic, Marawell Hotels and Frogner House Apartments, where personalized service to the savvy modern traveler are in focus.

Boutique and special concept hotels are some of Kari’s favorite projects and during the past two years she has turned her focus to uncovering some of Norway’s unique locations to the international traveler. As a destination expert, she is focused on telling a sustainability story, bringing forth some of the best Norway has to offer in the way of hospitality, cuisine and wellness. Many of the properties she has revealed are a must “stay” when travelling to Scandinavia.

Kari keeps her followers entertained with travel tips and trends, niche properties and unique getaway ideas also beyond the shores of Norway. She showcases an interesting variety of options for the mature as well as trendy traveler, who is in search of an authentic hospitality experience. With a solid network of experts, Kari can provide consulting services from simple to more comprehensive branding projects with focus on creating profitable service concepts.

Kari is passionate about creating commitment around the brand, whether it is concept development, service delivery, content production, press launches or other measures that contribute to the company´s success.


As a changemaker in tourism my goal is to facilitate the creation of an authentic brand. A well planned branding and marketing strategy is an important investment that ensures smoother operations and decision making by clearly defining goals and benchmarks. I understand the needs of small businesses and entrepreneurs with limited resources first hand, and a good strategy will save money further down the road. There is no need to spend more money than absolutely necessary!

The Process
I use effective tools in order to gain insight into your business to identify new business opportunities. Over the past two years, we have seen rapid changes in the industry and the need for identifying additional revenue streams, as well as implementing strategies and messaging at exactly the right time is essential!

I works closely with you to identify goals and opportunities so that your business is agile enough to implement the right strategy, at the right time. Our job is to empower you with the tools you need! Together, we create a strategy that brings the best results.

Your success is our success - it's that simple
My team of experts is passionate about lifting the tourism industry and niche players in food, drink and culture to new highs. From your digital profile right down to guest interaction and engagement, our desire is to make you shine. We will lift your business to new highs!

Branding strategy that gets you noticed!

Your strategy and most of all your branding strategy is about the customer journey and how to find a place in their heart. Customer success stories are worth their weight in gold and once you have decided on what your brand will be, I will help you implement a strategy that keeps your business top of mind for both existing and potential customers. One of the most important aspects of Hasselknippe AS services is helping you gain insight into what motivates your customer to choose you over another (the competitor).

Different types of strategy work I assist with:
- Brand strategy
- Communication strategy
- Digital strategy
- Marketing plan

A unique brand on the inside and out

Defining your uniqueness and putting together an implementation plan is part of the process. Authenticity and credibility is also important which is why, we also work with a strategy for internal branding.

Hotel management is a challenge for smaller properties without the economies of scale of the bigger chains. There is however one aspect where smaller players can gain the edge – uniqueness. In recent years, market trends are valuing uniqueness more and more. The future is tailor made, unique and the customer adventurous. Hasselknippe AS focuses on discovering this uniqueness where the champions use a practical approach to strategic communication, brand strategy and concept development.

A good idea, service and brand loses it’s value when not actively managed with purpose and continuity. This is precisely why, we offer both project and production management in collaboration with selected partners.

Field of expertise:
Tourism and market insights
Sustainability and responsible tourism
Destination development
Product and concept development
Strategy and business development
Technology and innovation
Architecture and engineering
Sales and marketing
Investments and funding
Branding, design and storytelling
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Speech, lecture, workshop, course
Mentoring and coaching
Consulting and project management
Design and creative work
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