Content Marketing for Travel Brands

Veronica Stoddart is an award-winning editorial executive and content strategist who offers content marketing solutions to the travel industry via her consultancy, VS Content Strategies LLC. Through vibrant storytelling, she creates custom content for travel brands to help them build audience, enhance loyalty, and drive profitability. Using a global network of top journalists, photographers, and videographers, she produces high-value content that increases digital traffic, revenue, and brand awareness. The former travel editor of USA TODAY, Veronica is a high-profile expert in travel and tourism who speaks frequently to travel industry groups. She has received nearly three dozen awards for editorial excellence during a long career in travel journalism. In addition, she has been selected as one of "40 best content marketing experts," "top 16 leaders in hospitality to follow on Twitter," and a “top hospitality marketing influencer.”

Field of expertise:
Tourism and market insights
Sustainability and responsible tourism
Destination development
Product and concept development
Strategy and business development
Technology and innovation
Architecture and engineering
Sales and marketing
Investments and funding
Branding, design and storytelling
Type of service:
Speech, lecture, workshop, course
Mentoring and coaching
Consulting and project management
Design and creative work
Industry experience
Relevant higher education
Certified in the field
University lecturer/professor or similar
Traveloper type:
Tourism professional