Mentoring devolopment in tourism

I``` ve benn working in the field of sustainibility for more tha 20 years now. Still searching for those right tools to improve every step, and every part of the business.


When it comes to creativity and experience economy: Mister Creative! This fellow thinks, every moment of the day. And when he doesn’t think, you can be sure that he talks. But he tries to do one thing at the time.

Pål founded Høve Støtt and is the brain behind most activities. He gives sparkling lectures and he doesn’t mind exchanging his experiences with you! Pål is living The Experience Economy and the LEO Experience Pyramid every single day. No one has more experiences with The Experience Business, than Pål in Norway. Running courses, lectures and devoloping experience businesses all over the country. Pål K. Medhus is an experience unto himself. Bright, creative, energetic and not afraid to speak his mind. As one of the first people in Norway to become a Certified Experience Economy Expert, Pål has in-depth training and unique skills to envision, design, and stage memorable and meaningful experiences that take advantage of the wonders of nature. If you are looking for a leader who will challenge the very perception of what makes a great experience, Pål is your man.

-- Scott Lash, Partner, Strategic Horizons LLP

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