Lounger Logger-ensuring a fairer sunbathe(R)

Patented sensor-embedded, IoT-connected cover with which to manage resort and lido deck lounger estate capacity utilisation in real time via devices, kiosks and real time situational big data.

Let guests find and locate vacant loungers via their devices and neutralise inequality in physical mobility and other protected characteristics to prevent the "sunrise sunlounger stampedes" widely reported on social and other media. Mitigate claim risk in accessibility and disability discrimination under UN CRPD 2008 and UDHR `1948 and national equality and human rights laws (without prejudice).

Improve performance in at least 6x UN SDGs including:
SDG3: Configurable UV alerts to reduce societal skin cancer treatment cost and impact on the consequential patient
SDG10: Reduce inequalities across protected characteristics including but not limited to physical mobility
12: Drive responsible consumption of lounger utility. Everyone gets their fair share. No more lounger hogging dragging down your reviews
SDG`16: Drive trust and strong institution throughout the domain by digitally generating a Single Version of the Truth of lounger occupation and vacation to ensure a fairer sunbathe(TM) for all and enjoy better financing terms as a result

Also monetise latent areas of the estate and increase sales whilst mitigating risks, thereby improving performance overall.

Now seeking the leaders, pioneers, visionaries, challengers and disruptors to enjoy the benefits of early system adoption.

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