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How it works

How it works: is a service that connect travel businesses with Travelopers - experts, insiders and creatives. Here's the basics on how we operate:

1. For Travel Businesses

  • Find and book mentors, experts and creative services.

2. For Travelopers

  • If you are up to our standards of quality and ethics you can list one or more services. 
    • Listing a service is free of charge. 
    • You can choose to list a service with a fixed price, on request or Pro bono.
    • The listing gets reviewed and approved by our team before its published.
    • You can manage your listings, transaction and profile in your admin panel.
    • You can delete your listings and profile anytime you want.
  • Travel businesses can search and book your services. 
    • Fixed price listings can be booked and paid directly on site. The payments are protected, and our payment provider Stripe hold the money until the buyer mark as completed. The payout go directly to the Traveloper - our commission and Stripes payment fee. In total this is 8%.
    • For agreements and packages made on request we have a voluntary matching fee. It is a trust based system where you can choose to transfer a suitable amount via this link, after the agreement is made. We'll never check up on this, so it's voluntary, but highly appreciated.
  • Travelopment also get requests outside of this platform, and we will contact you now and then. Sometimes we also have bigger projects where your services can be included.